Monday, November 15, 2010

Moroccan Spaghetti + My Sister's Birthday!

For my sister's birthday our friend Ralph made a guest appearance just in time to see what kind of craziness happens in our kitchen!  It was nearing the end of our Unprocessed October and we were getting really good at eating all whole, unprocessed ingredients without even thinking of it.

I made a recipe that Chris's dad had made for us a while back, that quickly became a favorite dish to make:  Moroccan Spaghetti! 

 Ralph helping me with the 2010 spaghetti mishap.
 Adding cilantro and mint to the chickpea and tomato mixture. This recipe is really wonderful!
Myself and Honza contemplating life over the spaghetti and his homemade bread.

 Double fisting is okay on your birthday...
 Nicole opening presents.
Honza showing off his grandfather's glasses.
Happy Birthday to my spectacular and beloved sister, Nicole!

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