Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Remember Halloween (Image Heavy Post)

Every year about October 30th when I have no Halloween garb planned and I am scurrying around like maniac, I make this HUGE promise to myself that next year it will be different. Sometimes I say things like, "I am seriously starting my Halloween outfit for next year right away." I will even come up with some crazy get-up involving robotics and fireworks and the best makeup/fake blood combo you have ever dreamed up...and then it all gets lost.  And I claim Halloween is my favorite holiday...I should be ashamed of myself for my lack of planning.  Yet look at the absolute awesome we threw together!  

Saturday I went up to Providence and spent the evening with my best friend Melissa. We had a great time hanging out and went out to a fun bar, at which I won a costume contest.  Great news for me because it paid for my gasoline up there and our drinks! 

My beautiful bee of a best friend, Missy. 
My sister and a lovely German exchange student working on their pumpkins.
 Paper boy.  One comment was "This is either the worst costume I have ever seen, or the best."  
We say THE BEST!

 Strange characters at Grand Central.  They were attacking the ATM with swords. It was pretty entertaining.

It is SO SO hard not to smile for photos. It was an all night battle!

Sadly we missed the NYC Halloween parade because apparently it was too packed.  We did try to sneak in, but the cops stopped us at multiple checkpoints.

Apparently we were hard to miss.

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween as well! Now to start on my next's years costume...

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