Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Closing the Cabin (Image Heavy Post)

My sister and her husband recently bought my father's cabin from him.  It is an awesome little cabin in Maryland with the Susquehanna River nearby, and plenty of super kitsch rustic charm via my stepmom's interior decorating skills and father's good humor.

Exactly one month ago at the beginning of November, we went down to close the cabin for the winter and eat naughty processed vegan s'mores, after our October Unprocessed challenge month!

Chris came down from Rhode Island, and we spent a wonderful weekend together with Malomar and my sister and her husband, surrounded by woods, friends, and food.

Here are some pictures from different cabin trips.  Often my Mother would come down from Lancaster Pennsylvania to spend time with us.  There are a lot of areas around the cabin to hike!

Here are some photos from the weekend that we closed the cabin.  The cabin is not yet winterized, but I believe my sister has plans for changing that in the future!

Closing the cabin was bittersweet, but it WAS filled with wine, roasting vegan marshmallows, and scary movies, fun!

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