Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I've Been Up To: Summer, Travels: Part One

I spent a lot of time during my summer debriefing and detoxing from work.  I only had about six weeks off in total, and here is a little slice of what I was up to. 
{Rhode Island}
My best friend Melissa is getting married this August, and so there have been and will continue to be many festivities surrounding the occasion.  These are some photos from her bridal shower, which was a total surprise to her.  Let me just say, I almost killed her when I thought she was going to diss out on me that day.  She had fallen asleep mid day and was not picking up her phone or texting me back and I was deep in panic mode and not sure what to do.  I acted completely out of character and texted her WAY too many times and almost blew it! 

Before heading out to the smoldering Midwest I drove down to Pennsylvania, which is where I grew up.  I used to dread going there, but now something about the vast spaces of nothing feels really familiar and calm to me.  These photos are from my Dad and Stepmom's backyard, where they cut out a hole in the fence for Katie to make googly eyes at her boyfriend, a doggie next door.  My parents said that with me out of the house, they try to give themselves little art projects to do. 

My father and I hopped on a plane and headed out to Missouri to visit with my Grandmother and Grandfather.  They live in the Ozarks, so we flew into St. Louis and rented a car and headed up to their neck of the woods.  We stopped at the Arc on the way of course.  If you have never gone up inside the Arc, I do have to warn you: sketchiest ride ever.  
St. Louis

While in The Ozarks we spent time with family, visited my Grandmother each day and checked out some fun sites in Springfield and Branson Missouri.  
A bounty of vegetables from my Uncle's garden. 
Bass Pro Shop: not for the indecisive. 

Me and my Father
Oh yeah, JUST a glamour shots photo of my sis (left) and me (right) that sits on my Grandpa's dresser.
Knowledge is power kids.
Snuggling up to dead animals at Bass Pro shop, like a good vegan does. 

I look forward to sharing Part Two and Part Three of my summer travels with you this week!


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  1. Nice pictures. Looks like you had a lovely time. The neighbor's dog is adorable. :)