Monday, August 22, 2011

What I've Been Up To: Summer, Travels: Part Three

These photos are from a summer trip into Northampton Massachusetts and surrounding areas.  We wandered around the town, hit up the vegan chocolatier, the comic book store, the cafe etc.  Then we went to the PeoplesPint...which was AWESOME!  They brew their own mead and beer, and use locally sourced dairy, meat, seasonal vegetables and fruit.  

In typical fashion, I did not want to leave the area without hitting up a swimming hole.  It was a bit too cold to really swim, but the water was refreshing on our feet and even Malomar got his little paws wet!  It also was so peaceful and beautiful in the woods. 

 no tresspassing
 I have no idea why these people are putting THAT much oil into their car. 
 This dress is one of my sweet thrift store finds from Missouri. 
 swimmin' hole

I really do want to build a road trip just around swimming holes and hot springs! 

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