Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday's Song

I honestly cannot get enough of this song!

It came on as I pulled into my parent's house in Lancaster Pennsylvania for Christmas and it made my mascara run as the lyrics and mood just did not fit...

While I was in Lancaster I was so homesick for Providence and for what my Christmas was the year prior. This is nothing against my family in PA; they spent last Christmas with me up in Rhode Island and it was wonderful...the tears had everything to do with a feeling of being displaced in NYC and not feeling I fully had a home yet in my new life. I think I also felt sad because I was going to Lancaster alone, well, with my sister and her husband were in Czech Republic visiting his family for the holidays.

That feeling has subsided BIG TIME and I feel very much at home in Brooklyn now, so now each time this song comes on, my heart fills up with happiness. Brooklyn is my home and feel pretty damn great about it!

A side note...this song sometimes pops into my head in some of my happiest moments!

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