Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Sightseeing

What is better on a fall day than to spend time outdoors and take in the beautiful sights of a bright orange pumpkin patch?  Well, nowadays it is not really the patch that you get to scurry around in...but the farmers do a nice job of setting all the pumpkins up together to give you that harvesting-it-yourself feel.

Chris and I met at Jone's Family Farm in CT to check out the pumpkin patch.  My sister and her hubby and I had already picked up pumpkins from various farmers market.  Myself in Rye, and my sister and her husband in Amish Country (aka our hometown) on their way down to their cabin.  This trip to Jone's Farm was really just about meeting up and being outside and taking in the sites.
 Some of the berry patches (We wandered off from the pumpkin patch)!
 This little guy is so freakin' cute eating the pumpkin.  I love love love little pigs!
Chris checking out the pumpkins
The view, including the trees they grow for Christmas holiday.

Jone's Family Farm was really nice.  I especially like the Farmer's message on the phone hot-line.  The area around there is very beautiful, and the drive from Rye during the fall season was really breathtaking.

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